Our non-profit organization represents Pest Control and Lawn Care businesses in the state of Utah, as well as any licensed pesticide applicator. We encourage the safe use of pesticides through IPM – Integrated Pest Management – practices. We work closely with the Utah Department of Agriculture to keep up to date with Utah pesticide laws and issues. We also have a seat on the Governor's Pesticide Board that meets semi-annually to discuss pesticide issues.


In response to inquiries about the Stay Home, Stay Safe directive from the governor, here is what we would like our members to know.

We are concerned and want to do our part in preventing the spread of COVID-19. The governor has stated that business is still open. Only those businesses that are gathering places for people that are not essential have been asked to close, especially in Salt Lake City and Summit County.

Fortunately for our industry, we can perform our services without physical customer contact and we can maintain our distance with each other and those around us. We feel that we can continue doing business as long as we take appropriate steps to keep our employees and customers safe. Here are some steps we would recommend for lawn care and pest control businesses:

  1. Employees who are not feeling well should not come in to work
  2. Stagger start times with your employees to avoid a large gathering
  3. If possible, run service vehicles with only one technician1
  4. Institute a no-knock policy or at least if necessary to knock on a client's door, step back 10' and avoid shaking hands or other physical contact
  5. If possible, allow office staff to work from home
  6. Disinfect desks, phones, door knobs, tools, insides of trucks, etc. at the end of day
  7. If possible, email invoices and customer correspondences
  8. Use the phone to talk to clients while at their property versus face-to-face conversations

We hope this will help as we are all trying to do our part. Keep in contact and share what your experiences are so we, as an industry, can be on the leading edge of public health.